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From 1995, third-generation etching products company, BE-CU understands that customers expect high quality etched parts delivered on time and at competitive costs.

  • 30 Years of chemical etching know-how
  • 60 Million components produced each year
  • 30 Countries supplied globally
  • NaN Material variants held in stock
  • 9000 Square meters state-of-the-art etching plant

From design to delivery, we are with our clients right till the end.

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Dongguan BE-CU ETCH Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995, which is a professional China precision etching parts manufacturer with core technology and independent intellectual property rights, we are committed to the development and manufacture of metal chemical etching service (stainless steel etching,aluminum etching,titanium etching,copper etching,brass etching,nikel etching,kovar etching and more), laser cutting (3d laser cutting,pipe laser cutting and plate laser cutting), precision stamping and tooling making, precision cnc machining, sureface treatment, bending, coating, deburring, heat treating, plating, polishing, stamping, welding, assembly, cleaning, packaging, shipping and warehousing, and other secondary services. We are always providing customers with high quality products, competitive prices, and excellent services.

BE-CU ETCH is a self-owned brand of Dongguan BE-CU Prototype Co.,Ltd and WD Group. As a leading enterprise of intelligent manufacturing in China, we are constantly innovating and developing over 30 years, our efforts bring us stable customers from home and abroad, you can find Be-Cu Making products in over 180 countries from Europe, Africa, Mid east, America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia, which drive us to be a worldwide manufacturing brand.We always emphasize on research and development. In recent years, out of business growth needs, we have established BE-CU ETCH, which is a professional ETCHING R&D and manufacturing center with proprietary precision chemical machining technology. Adhering to the spirit of innovation, we will never stop to developing our own brand and new services. With the expanded market, we sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all over the world.

With fine etching equipment and advanced techniques, our business expand stably, in the fields of furniture making, decorations, arts and crafts, advertisements, woodworking, metal fabrication, mold making, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, medical, retail, entertainment, food and beverage, chemicals, agricultural, fashion, construction, and telecommunication industries. With superior performance-to-price ratio, high quality, and perfect post-sales service, the market share of our products expands unceasingly. We will unceasingly develop and innovate with our full enthusiasm, to carry forward our brand and offer better service for our users.

Applying leading-edge Manufacturing 4.0 quality technology

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We are committed to enlisting the full support of all employees to continuously improve our processes and enhance quality, thereby fulfilling our customer’s needs with defect free products and services, on time and every time

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BE-CU ETCH is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, design and manufacture of etching parts, service and sloution with core intellectual property rights, powerful and solid technology, excellent and reliable service, leading creativity and personalized customization.

What is chemical etching?

Chemical etching, also known as Photo Chemical Machining or PCM, is a manufacturing process that uses acid to etch away unwanted metal leaving a precision thin metal part with exacting features. This process does not chemically alter the metal in any way, leaving the natural properties intact.

What kind of lasers do you use?

Many people think that our parts are manufactured by lasers. However, this is not the case. The Photo Chemical Machining (PCM) process uses chemicals, not lasers, to produce intricate and precision metal parts. BE-CU ETCH has been CHINA leader in photochemical etching since 1995.

Where are your parts manufactured?

All BE-CU ETCH parts are manufactured in Dongguan, China.

Do you offer plant tours?

Yes. The BE-CU team would welcome the opportunity to show you our manufacturing facilities. Please contact us at [email protected] to set up an appointment.

What metals do you work with?

We etch both standard and exotic metals, non-corrosive, biocompatible, and many other types of metals. For a full list of metals we can etch, visit our Metals we Etch Page.

Can you help me select a metal for my application?

Yes, we would be happy to help. Our engineering sales team (or estimators) is skilled at assessing materials and designs for a variety of projects. Please Contact Us for assistance.

I don’t need a specific material; what material is easiest/best for us to use?

Stainless Steel and Copper are readily available and easy to work with. Please make a note on your RFQ or print if you do not have a metal preference.

What are the chemicals used in photoetching?

Various chemicals are used depending on the material that is being etched. Common etchants include ferric chloride and hydrofluoric solutions.

Is the BE-CU process a burr-free process?

Yes, technically. There are no burrs created when the part is made (such as the case with traditional metal stamping). However, BE-CU uses tabs to keep your part attached to the sheet of metal so we can keep tight tolerances during the etching process. We can choose to not use tabs and have your part drop out of the sheet, but tolerances may increase and some yield loss may occur. If you are unsure if your part is best produced as a “tabbed” or “drop out”, please contact one of our sales staff. If you are unsure if your part is best produced as a “tabbed” or “drop out”, please contact one of our sales staff.

Can you etch tubes or 3D shapes?

YES!At the moment, WE can etch from 2-D And 3-D surfaces (such as a metal sheet).

What is a half-etch, or a bend channel?

A half-etch, or a bend channel, is a partially etched area (usually 50-70% depth of the metal thickness) that can be used in hand forming. Typical applications that utilize half-etch features are RF shields.

What types of packaging do you offer?

Parts can be shipped either still in sheets or detached. If the parts are to be detached, the packaging options include: Bulk packing, tubes, boxed in foam layers, pick and place trays, and tape and reel.

What type of drawing files do you accept?

STEP, DXF, DWG, and X_T are the preferred formats for drawings.

What is the min/max thickness that you can etch?

We work with metals ranging from 0.0002″(0.005mm) to 0.062″ (1.57mm) in a large variety of metals.

What is the largest sheet size that you can etch?

As a general rule, 24” (60.96 cm) by 36” (91.44cm) is the overall size. If your application exceeds our guidelines, please contact us with your request.

Do you have manufacturer’s reps in my area?

BE-CU has multiple manufacturing reps throughout the global. Contact Us to locate the representative in your area.

Can I get a sample?

Yes, please take a moment to fill out the Contact Us form and we will send you some unique samples for your review.

Is BE-CU ISO/AS9100 certified?

Yes! BE-CU is ISO 9000:2015 and AS9100D certified. The AS9100 certificate includes the requirements of ISO 9001and ITAF system assessments. See our Certifications page for the most recent version.

What finishes are RoHS compliant?

Tin plating (dull or bright), black oxide, and black nickel are RoHS compliant finishes. Most other “blackening” finishes and tin-lead plating are not compliant. Feel free to call us with any concerns about RoHS.

Do you work with non-metals?

At this time, we only etch on flat metal sheets.

What kind of metal should I use for my shield/encoder/etc?

Please review the Shielding Design Guide for common shielding materials and finishes. Or you may Contact Us and our team will help you determine the correct metal for your project.

Where is your metal sourced from?

All metals are sourced from the China, with the small exception of some Aluminum. If you have a specific need, please Contact Us for further assistance.

Does photo etching alter the properties of the metal?

No. Unlike traditional machining (such as stamping or laser cutting) there is not stress or extreme heat applied to the metal which could potentially affect the metal properties.

Why does the quote mention small burrs or tabs when parts are detached?

The parts are held into the sheets by small tabs. When the parts are detached from the sheet, the place where the part was connected will leave a small burr. To etch metal parts with the best tolerances, we may opt to keep your part tabbed into the sheet.

Can you etch square holes?

There will be an inside radius making the corners not quite 90°, however, the sides of the square can be over-etched a little to allow for a perfect fit with a 90° degree part.

How long does it take to get parts made?

Standard turnaround time is 10 business days. However, depending on the complexity of the order additional lead time may be necessary. For a premium, we also offer 5-day, 3-day, and same day delivery on most orders.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is two sheets of material. The cost of our minimum lot run may depend on the metal type, thickness, secondaries (plating, forming, electro-polishing, etc) or packaging options.

What is your minimum hole or slot size?

The smallest hole diameter or slot width that can be produced by the Fotofab process, as a general rule, is 1.2 times the metal thickness. The minimum practical diameter or slot width that can be machined is 90% of the metal thickness.

What are the tolerances associated with etching?

Typically, tolerances follow a +/- 10% of the metal thickness rule. The depth of etch tolerance can be as low as +/- 0.0005″ (0.0127mm).

Explain the ratio of hole size to metal thickness?

The smallest hole diameter that can be etched is 1.2 times the metal thickness. This is also the smallest slot width that can be etched.


We help our partners grow and become more profitable. Together with you as our partner,Be-Cu Etch is ready to create value added metal etching solutions and services with highly specialized skills and expertise.We’d love to build a long-term and win-win partnership with you to strengthen and extend our common business.



About BE-CU ETCH Company

Our executive team comprises industry experts who are dedicated to serving our customers with part design and technical assistance, precision metal parts, and quick turnaround times on prototypes to production runs. We continuously seek innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing industry demands of consumer trends and emerging technologies.Thank you for considering for your manufacturing needs. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations. We appreciate the opportunity! A formal quote will be sent within 24-48 hrs. If would like to submit an NDA, please upload it to the quote button, or send it to [email protected].

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  • Materials: Metals And Other
  • Experience: Since 1995
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  • Tolerances: +/- 0.1mm
  • Price: Start From 100USD
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