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What Is 3D Etching

3D etching is an advanced fabrication technique used to create intricate three-dimensional structures on a substrate. This method leverages various physical and chemical processes to remove material selectively, allowing the creation of detailed and complex patterns at the micro and nanoscale. Widely used in fields such as microelectronics, photonics, and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), 3D etching has become a cornerstone of modern technology, enabling the miniaturization and enhancement of numerous devices and systems.

The evolution of etching techniques dates back to ancient times when artisans used primitive methods to engrave designs on metal surfaces. However, the concept of 3D etching as it is known today began to take shape in the mid-20th century with the advent of semiconductor technology. The development of integrated circuits necessitated more precise and controlled etching methods, leading to significant advancements in photolithography and etching technologies.

3D Etching & Manufacturing Services for Metal Parts

BE-CU Etch Technologies, Inc. provides 3d Photo-chemical etching services and acid etching to meet the tight tolerances required by the aerospace and other industries.Capable of handling parts sizes from 0.02 in. dia. to 24 x 60 in. and 0.001 to 0.08 in. thickness, it is the most advanced system of its kind in the china. Other services include blasting, cleaning, CNC machining, stamping, laser machining, bending, water jet machining, electronic and laser welding, heat treating and electro polishing.

With the ability to construct a etching and program from a CAD model, the prep time is greatly reduced, and the use of its 3d production line axis makes the processing of tubular components highly efficient.Works with steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, molybdenum, brass, ceramic, nickel, titanium, Inconel® and Kovar® materials. Chemical milling and electroforming services also provided. Other services include blasting, cleaning, CNC machining, stamping, laser machining, bending, water jet machining, electronic and laser welding, heat treating and electro polishing. Serves the aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, semiconductor, jewelry,led light,sensor, instrument, filtration and power generation industries.

3D Etching & Manufacturing Services for Metal Parts

Our improved algorithm decreases 3d etching quotation times by up to 90%. Most quotes are delivered within 24 hrs., depending on project details. Your customer support partner will contact you directly about your 3d etching quote to ensure you’ve received it and to answer any questions you may have about your options.

3D Metal Etching Parts

With our 3d etching service, we can cater to both one-off prototypes and high-volume production requirements, enabling us to serve a diverse range of specialist component applications.

The 3D Metal Etching Process

3D metal etching, also known as chemical etching or photochemical machining, is a sophisticated manufacturing process that allows for the precise creation of intricate three-dimensional metal components. This method relies on chemical reactions to selectively remove metal from a substrate, enabling the fabrication of complex geometries and fine features with high accuracy. Here’s how 3D metal etching works in detail:

  • Design and Preparation: The process begins with the design of the component using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. The desired geometry and dimensions are specified, including features such as holes, slots, and intricate patterns.
  • Material Selection: A suitable metal substrate is chosen based on the application requirements. Metals commonly used in 3D metal etching include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and nickel alloys. The substrate is typically in the form of thin sheets or foils, although thicker materials can also be etched with modifications to the process parameters.
  • Masking: A photoresist or a similar masking material is applied uniformly onto the metal substrate. This masking layer serves as a protective barrier that defines the areas to be preserved from etching.
  • Exposure to UV Light: The masked substrate is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light through a photomask. The photomask contains the pattern that will be transferred onto the metal surface. The UV light causes a chemical reaction in the photoresist, hardening it in the exposed areas while leaving the unexposed areas soft and soluble.
  • Development: The substrate is submerged in a developer solution that dissolves the unexposed photoresist, revealing the underlying metal in the pattern defined by the photomask. This step exposes the metal surface in the areas where material will be selectively removed.
  • Etching: The exposed metal is then subjected to an etchant solution, which selectively dissolves the metal through a controlled chemical reaction. The etchant is chosen based on the type of metal being etched and the desired etch rate. Different metals require different types of etchants, such as acids or alkaline solutions, to achieve optimal results.
  • Rinsing and Stripping: After the etching process, the remaining photoresist and any residual etchant are removed from the substrate through rinsing and stripping processes. This leaves behind the finished 3D metal component with the desired shape and dimensions.

3D metal etching represents a crucial manufacturing technique that combines precision, versatility, and scalability. By leveraging chemical reactions and precise masking techniques, this process enables the creation of intricate metal components that drive innovation across various industries.

Online Cooperate With 3D Etching Company

We are not resellers of other companies’ parts.That’s because we enjoy making a living by producing, not by earning commissions on other people’s work. We are a true 3d etching service.

Your confidential files won’t be shared with third parties.

Be-cu works with customers all over the world to bring customers ideas to life with the highest quality precision 3d etching on the planet. If you are looking for a partnership to help you apply new tools and technologies, or help you fully realize your design vision, let us help you move your business forward, contact our team ([email protected])or quote online today to get the conversation started.

Metal Etching Certification,Equipment List and Quality

We are committed to enlisting the full support of all employees to continuously improve our processes and enhance quality, thereby fulfilling our customer's needs with defect free products and services, on time and every time

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Compliance in DFARS materials sourcing requirements
  • Strict compliance with PPAP and Process FMEA
  • Fully compliant with the exacting requirements of our customers
  • ITAR registered
  • NIST cybersecurity standard compliant
  • Proprietary Patented quality systems
  • Skilled in KanBan and other customer driven quality and inventory management systems

Metal Etching Material

BE-CU is experienced in precision etching various metals, allowing customers the freedom to specify components in hundreds of different materials.

The Surface Treatment Of Metal Etching Parts

Do you want your etching parts to be more corrosion-resistant or get a specific look? Metal finishing service is a essential choice to achieve your design perfectly. BE-CU – is an accomplished finished parts manufacturer, our workers and craftsman are capable to provide precision metal etching services and a wide range of finishing services including aluminum anodizing, painting, passivation, electroplating, powder coating, polishing, black oxide, conversion coating, abrasive blasting, etc. We offers several common surface finishes to help improve functionality and aesthetics.

  •  Anodizing (Anodized)
  • Passivation
  •  Plating (Electroplating)
  •  Painting
  • Black Oxide (Hot Blackening)
  •  Polishing
  • Powder Coating
  • Heat Treatment
  • Satin Finish
  • Abrasive blasting (Sandblasting)
  • Conversion coating
  • Tungsten carbide coating

After browsing a list of metal finishing services, select a process based on essential considerations, like production time, cost-effectiveness, part tolerance, durability and applications. High-tolerance metal etching parts are not recommended to apply secondary metal surface finish, because the treatment may change the sizes of the finished part through removing or adding a small amount of materials.

Other requirements or custom designs, welcome to contact us for a free quote fast!



About BE-CU ETCH Company

Our executive team comprises industry experts who are dedicated to serving our customers with part design and technical assistance, precision metal parts, and quick turnaround times on prototypes to production runs. We continuously seek innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing industry demands of consumer trends and emerging technologies.Thank you for considering for your manufacturing needs. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations. We appreciate the opportunity! A formal quote will be sent within 24-48 hrs. If would like to submit an NDA, please upload it to the quote button, or send it to [email protected].

  • Volume: 1-1000K+ Parts
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  • Materials: Metals And Other
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  • Tolerances: +/- 0.1mm
  • Price: Start From 100USD
Metal Etching Service

  • Conventional Sheet Etching
  • Roll-to-roll Continuous Etching
  • Precision Stamping
  • Die Cutting
  • PVD Coatings
  • Electroplating Process
  • 2D Printing
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Laser Cutting 
  • CNC Machining
Etching Material

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  • Plastic Etching
  • Acrylic Etching
  • Stainless Steel Etching
  • Steel Etching
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  • Brass Etching
  • Copper Etching
  • Titanium Etching
  • Kovar Etching
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