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Precision Etching For Aluminum – Aluminum Etching

Aluminum etching is one of the most prevalent manufacturing techniques due to its ability to produce complex yet lightweight parts quickly and cost-effectively. especally 6061 aluminum, because of is excellentstrength-oweightratio low cos, recyolability and machinabilfty.

Aluminum etching is a chemical process used to selectively remove material from the surface of aluminum, typically to create intricate patterns, designs, or markings on the metal.

Aluminum etching is a subtractive manufacturing method, meaning it removes material from the aluminum rather than adding it.This process is highly efficient and can produce large quantities of parts with consistent quality.

BE-CU ETCH offers precision etching with multiple aluminum alloys.

Since aluminum is a lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and versatile material, it makes an ideal choice for a wide range of applications,This process is commonly used in industries such as electronics, aerospace, and automotive, as well as for artistic and decorative purposes.

Our Aluminum Etching Service

BE-CU ETCH have been providing precision etching solutions to our customers since 1995. We are experienced in manufacturing complex ALUMINUM ETCH parts at tight tolerances, and we frequently work with customers in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and are equipped with state-of-the-art etch machinery. We are dedicated to continuously improving, providing our customers with industry leading aluminum etching services at competitive prices.

At BE-CU ETCH, we utilize FIVE professional etching production line giving you the flexibility and capability to receive a finished etch part in-house. By partnering with our Sales/Engineering team, we can-inhouse etching shop jobs quickly and economically, reducing cycle times and passing those savings to you. Our inspection capabilities allow us to reduce the number of setups to give you a lower cost par and quicker delivery.

Aluminum alloys are low in density but high in strength. Our CNC machines can manufacture unique and quality aluminum prototypes. To learn more about our capabilities or to work with us on your next CNC machining project, contact us or request a quote today.

Our Etching Capabilities

  • Etching of many grades of aluminum, including 6061,6063,5052 and more
  • Combining Stamping, Laser Cutting,CNC machining and photochemical etching on sheets up to 2mm thick
  • Etching of up to 0.025″ thick sheets as large as 22×12 inches
  • Tolerances of ±.0005″ in many applications

How To Etch Aluminum

Metal Grades For Aluminum Etching

Aluminum etching typically involves using chemicals to remove material from an aluminum surface to create patterns, designs, or text. The choice of the metal grade or alloy for aluminum etching depends on the specific requirements of your project. Here are some common aluminum grades and alloys used in etching:


1100 Aluminum

This is a pure aluminum grade with excellent corrosion resistance. It’s a soft, low-strength material that’s easy to etch and is often used for decorative or artistic applications.

3003 Aluminum

This is a non-heat-treatable alloy known for its moderate strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It can be etched relatively easily and is used in a variety of applications.

5052 Aluminum

This alloy is stronger and more durable than pure aluminum or 3003. It has good corrosion resistance and can be etched for various applications, including nameplates and labels.

6061 Aluminum

This heat-treatable alloy offers good strength and is commonly used in engineering and structural applications. It can be etched, but it might require more specialized etching techniques.

7075 Aluminum

This high-strength alloy is used in applications requiring high mechanical properties. While it can be etched, it may be more challenging due to its hardness and resistance to chemical attack.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is often used in etching because it has a protective oxide layer on the surface. By removing this layer, you can create designs and patterns. Anodized aluminum is available in various grades, and the ease of etching can vary.

The choice of aluminum grade depends on factors such as the complexity of your etching design, desired durability, and the specific etching process you plan to use. Additionally, some aluminum alloys may require special etching solutions or techniques to achieve the desired results. Always test your chosen aluminum grade with your etching process to ensure it meets your requirements.

Components That Are Produced By Etching Aluminum

The popularity of Aluminum makes it a desirable metal for use in fabrication because it is easy to manufacture and has favorable properties for many industrial products.With the photo etching process, the metal is etched evenly without any structural deformations from the hard tooling used in stamping and punching.Since there isn’t a heat point of contact like laser cutting, the parts’ metal properties remain unchanged and free from thermal deformations.Get inspired by our custom etching part projects and contact us to Get Instant Quote for rapid prototype or Aluminum etching parts start from 1pcs.



About BE-CU ETCH Company

Our executive team comprises industry experts who are dedicated to serving our customers with part design and technical assistance, precision metal parts, and quick turnaround times on prototypes to production runs. We continuously seek innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing industry demands of consumer trends and emerging technologies.Thank you for considering for your manufacturing needs. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations. We appreciate the opportunity! A formal quote will be sent within 24-48 hrs. If would like to submit an NDA, please upload it to the quote button, or send it to [email protected].

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