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Microporous Etching Stainless Steel 17-4 ph Speaker Mesh

Microporous etching represents a convergence of precision engineering and artistic expression, offering unparalleled control over the design and ...

Metal Etching Stainless Steel 430 Hair Dryer Air Outlet Net

Etching stainless steel 430 hair dryer air outlet nets presents an exciting opportunity to marry functionality with artistic expression

Precision Etching 0.15mm Copper Laptop Vapor Chamber

Combining precision etching with a vapor chamber in a laptop allows for more efficient heat dissipation, which is crucial for maintaining optimal ...

Etched Beryllium Copper 17200 Lead Frames

c17200 Lead Frames Material: Beryllium CopperThickness: 0.5/0.6/0.7 mmProject Offer:Within 3 hoursProcess: Precision EtchingCustom ...

Alumina Multi-Layered Board By Etching

Alumina Multi-Layered Boards (AMB) are innovative materials that have garnered significant attention in the field of electronics manufacturing, ...

0.078MM Nickel Solder Alloy Precision Resistor Sheet

Nickel solder alloys are commonly used in electronic applications due to their good solderability and electrical conductivity.

0.3MM Laser Etched Titanium Mesh

Laser etching on titanium mesh with a thickness of 0.3mm involves using a high-precision laser to create intricate patterns, designs, or markings on ...

Precision Etched Aluminum Alloy Buttons

Precision etched aluminum alloy buttons are components made from aluminum alloys using a precision etching process.

Precision Etched Copper Alloy Leadframe

Leadframes contain a pattern of thin copper alloy leads that connect the IC chip to the external pins or contacts. These leads facilitate the ...

Brass Etched Mimosa Premium Bookmark

The customer follows the mimosa gesture using an etching process that leaves the bad side on the brass plate.

0.1mm Semi-Etched Twig Leaf Bookmark

A twig leaf bookmark is a decorative and functional item used for marking pages in a book or other reading materials.

Precision Etching Printer Single Drum Scraper

A single drum scraper in the context of a printer typically refers to a component used in laser printers and photocopiers. This drum scraper, also ...

Aluminum Etching Position Code Disc

The positioning plate is a mechanical part that is widely used in various machinery and is mainly used to achieve precise positioning and rotation.

SOP Lead Frame For Semiconductor Packaging

We specialize in precision etching high quality lead frames using premium materials such as copper, copper alloys and iron-nickel alloys. Our ...

Electric KN95 Mask Breathing Valve Filter

The mask breathing valve filter is mainly used for N95 and KN95 medical mask breathing valve filter components

Beryllium Copper Etched Vibration Spring Leaf

Beryllium Copper Vibrating spring pieces and vibrating spring pieces are usually used in voice control devices and audio equipment control units

4J42 Kovar Alloy Chip Step Cover

The Kovar alloy packaging cover is mainly made of platform etching through an etching process.

Precision Etched Fuel Injector Nozzle Filter

The fuel injector nozzle filter is a key filter accessory of the fuel injector. It mainly controls the fuel injection flow and filtration function.

Etching Fan Resistor For Car Air Conditioning Panel

It is a pain to use without air conditioning in hot weather, and the speed regulating resistor plays a key role. Automotive fan speed regulating ...

Stainless Steel Etching Black Vacuum Blower Plate

Stainless steel Etching Black Vacuum Blower Plate and black diaphragm is generally made of stainless steel material that has been chemically etched ...



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